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West Bank or WestBank
Enjoying the Port of New Orleans

Staying in the Greater New Orleans Area can be problematic. You need a good place to be but sometimes you are just looking for a convenient place to rest, to live or to do commerce. An alternative to being downtown or in the French Quarter is to be across the river in the WestBank.

The WestBank is an area of neighborhoods on the West Bank of the Mississippi River, even though technically it's on the south side of town as the Mississippi makes a jog westward to the south of New Orleans. The area includes Algiers, Avondale, Barataria, Bridge City, Crown Point, English Turn, Estelle, Gretna, Harvey, Jean Lafitte, Lafitte, Marrero, Nine Mile Point, Terrytown, Timberlane, Waggaman, Westwego and Woodmere. As an area of New Orleans, it's called the WestBank (as one word). As the side of the river, it's the West Bank. As with so much of the area, even the name causes confusion.

A greater number of people have started to make the commute from the other south side of the river and it has been booming. There are places to go, things to do and stores to shop in. It may not have the same level of hustle and bustle as the more well-known areas, but the West Bank has access to the city along with more reasonable accommodations and a variety of shopping for your more basic needs.

Most hotel aggregators will separate the West Bank from the city center, and so you can make that a conscious choice. Just be aware that while access via freeway is easy enough, it is only free heading from downtown. Crossing back across the river is a tollway.

Likewise, if you have a larger group traveling with you, or if you are a company looking for a West Bank corporate event, the entertainment and New Orleans corporate training can come to you.

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